St. Greegorious Youth Association


The St. Greegorious youth association of the Cathedral was formed right from the early days of formation of the church. During the construction of this cathedral, youth members contributed very actively. In the period between 1983-1996, youth association worked very hard for fund raising for the Cathedral’s construction. Most of the cathedral construction fund has been raised by the youth association through various activities like Ganamela, film shows, Drama, Donor Coupon, Lucky draw, Carols, Fete, etc. with the full support and coordination of the all church members and their family, friends, and all well wishers.

The Cathedral youth association is very active even now. Their coordination and collective responsibilities were very valuable in various church development programs like organising prayer meeting, bible class, dhyanam (meditation), X’mas carol, picnic, annual youth camp, retreat, Karsewa, assistance for relief work for disaster victims, charity work, social service, onam celebration, cultural programs, visiting and caring for mentally retarded and physically handicapped inmates, providing refreshment through sponsorship from the parish members on their important occasions etc.

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